Be inspired by the voice of your subconscious, your inner wisdom and gain insight into yourself and relevant themes in your life on a deeper level. In addition, you will experience an increased empowerment in both your personal and professional life, as your energy system will come into balance.

Humans are are intuitive creatures by nature. And simply put, your intuition is your counselor who bases his advice on everything you have ever consciously or unconsciously received from information, experiences and energy. But we have forgotten to make (conscious) use of it in our daily lives. From the moment we go to school, the emphasis is on the development of rational thinking and we learn the natural ability to listen to our inner wisdom.

In addition, as a child you may have 'felt' all sorts of things, but you were denied this, so that you no longer dare to trust your intuition.Our brains are spinning at full speed to keep a grip on the things we do, want, think and experience. But how do you ensure that your 'rattling brain' becomes silent so that you can hear the voice of your inner wisdom again? How do you learn to consciously listen to your intuition that can give you exactly the insights and inspiration you need?

Would you like to be surprised by the insights of your subconscious & inner wisdom?
Do you think it's time to go out of your head, towards your heart, so that you can experience more peace and balance and automatically find the right insights and inspiration?
Do you want to give your personal development a boost with profound insights about yourself and balancing your energy system?
Then the Soulsessions are really something for you.
Be surprised by the voice of your inner wisdom and the profound effect the Soulsessions will have on your daily life.

"What an insight I got during and after Angela's Soulsession. It feeds. Does well. I felt tidy and grown. And it continued to work for a long time too! Actually it is much more powerful than I can express in words now because it sounds so neat. It was actually pure magic"


"At first I thought they would be 'ordinary' meditation evenings. After participating it became clear to me that it is much more than that! It's not just consuming a meditation, but really getting to work with yourself. What makes these sessions extra powerful are the after-discussions in which Angela watches/read with you and therefore knows how to get the most out of them... Very special."


"I notice that the session has touched me very deeply. During the meditation itself I was touched and felt that somehow I came home to myself. Also after the session I noticed that I felt much better in my 'skin'. Very special..."


"Last week I experienced the first meeting. It was a special experience and great to find your strength in these times. Definitely recommendable. All you need is a quiet place in your house and some 'me-time"


“De meditatiesessies waren voor mij een hele nieuwe ervaring. Gewoon jezelf eraan overgeven en het is echt ongelooflijk wat je dan allemaal ziet en voelt. Uiteindelijk komt alles uit jezelf en dat is natuurlijk helemaal top”


"In 2013 we as a partnership physiotherapy had the opportunity to experience a day with Angela. We were looking for a balance between professional and personal life.Through meditation and the creation of moodboards we came to new insights about ourselves and each other that are still quoted today"

Annemariemede eigenaar De Driesprong, psychosomatiek fysiotherapeut

"Angela was supportive and leading during the session with our entire team. She created a safe environment in which everyone could be themselves. We got to know each other better that day on a deeper level"

Annemarie (vervolg)mede eigenaar De Driesprong, psychosomatiek fysiotherapeut

Soulsessions: a great conversation with yourself

Through the Online Soulsessions you will learn to support and guide yourself through this special time of change. The sessions consist of powerful, guided meditations/visualizations and contain the following components each time:

  • Cleansing and balancing your own energy system (especially in this period of great importance for highly sensitive people who absorb a lot of negative energy and fear from others).
  • In-depth insight into relevant themes  that also have a healing effect on your self-healing capacity. Each Soulsession will have a different theme.

To make optimal use of the powerful meditations/visualizations, we will discuss the experiences afterwards. I will support you where necessary to translate your experiences into meaningful insights.I will do this by tuning in to your energy'read'with you.

The Soulsessions can be followed live & online and will last approximately 1,5-2 hours (incl. sharing of experiences).

What is the result of the Soulsessions?
You have insight into yourself and relevant themes in your life on a deeper level.
You feel more stable, more grounded and have learned how to protect your own boundaries and energy field from unwanted outside influences.

You experience more peace, balance and self-confidence in both your personal and professional life.
You have learned to go out of your mind and towards your heart to find the necessary answers and solutions.

Participation to Online Soulsessions

In these special times there will be 2 x monthly Online Soulsessions from 20.00 to approximately 22.00 hrs. You can participate live from your own living room(via Zoom).Registration is possible up to 10 minutes prior to a session. Participation fee is  €25,= (incl. VAT). 

Mocht je niet live kunnen deelnemen en heb je je niet aangemeld? Dan is het mogelijk om de meditaties/visualisaties van een Soulsession achteraf en op elk ander gewenst moment te beluisteren. Kosten voor toegang tot de opnames van een betreffende Soulsession bedragen €15,= (incl. btw).

Daarnaast ga ik op donderdagavond 23 juli van start met een Soulsession Expedition waarbij je middels 6 wekelijkse Online Soulsessions (incl. een huiswerkopdracht) steeds meer in je kracht komt te staan. Deelnamekosten zijn  €150,= (incl. btw). 

Deelname Online Soulsession van 9 november

Meld je nu aan voor de Online Soulsession van maandagavond 9 november: 20.00 tot circa 22.00 uur. Tijdens deze sessie:

  • Starten we met het opschonen en in balans brengen van je eigen energiesysteem. Dit is een vast onderdeel van alle sessies.
  • Krijg je o.a. inzicht in het thema van die week, dat uiterlijk diezelfde maandagmiddag zal worden vastgesteld en inspeelt op de energie van dat moment.

Toegang tot de meditaties/visualisaties voorgaande Soulsessions

Komt deelname aan de Online Soulsessions of Soulsession Expedition even niet zo goed uit? Of wil je liever de geleide meditaties/visualisaties op je eigen moment en in je eentje beluisteren? Geen probleem, je kunt altijd de geluidsbestanden van voorgaande sessies beluisteren. Aangezien er al een flink aantal Online Soulsessions hebben plaatsgevonden kun je daarbij kiezen uit een thema dat jou op dit moment het meest aanspreekt.

Deelname Soulsession Expedition

Meld je nu alvast aan voor de volgende Soulsession Expedition. De Soulsession Expedition bestaat uit 6 wekelijkse Online Soulsessions en een individuele huiswerkopdracht. Tijdens deze Expedition gaan we aan de slag met thema’s als: angst/verlangen, healing van (onbewuste) pijn, yin-yang, overgave, maskers etc.

“Wat een inzichten heb ik gekregen. En het blijft nog lang doorwerken ook! Het is veel krachtiger dan ik nu in woorden kan uitdrukken. Het is pure magic” – Maria

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