• Energy reading = een gesprek met jezelf


During this 'conversation with yourself' you gain insight into yourself on a deeper level and the main themes that play a role in your personal and professional life in this phase of life. Depending on your question you can also gain insight into e.g. your life mission, relationships, work and health.

Everything consists of energy:so does your body, thoughts, memories, emotions etc. As a result, we have an enormous database of information stored in our energy system (aura layers and chakras). And energy can be perceived as vibration in the form of light, sound, a feeling or an inspiring idea. This makes it possible to perceive information from the energy system of others. In fact, we all do this. For example, when we feel flawless whether someone can be trusted and/or feels comfortable or not.

Through a reading you get access to the information stored in your energy system. Depending on your problem you can gain insight into your current phase of life, recurring themes in your life, your life mission, qualities,core and power. Or your relationships, health, work, partnerships etc. It is up to you to decide which insights are of interest to you on both a conscious and subconscious level. Because not only the questions but also the answers come from yourself, you can also see a reading as an in-depth conversation with yourself (with me as your interpreter).

Do you desire a deeper insight into yourself, your life mission and/or a clear answer to your (life) questions?
Would you like to know more about the main themes that play a role in this phase of your life on a personal and/or professional level?
Are you curious about your qualities, possibilities, desires and your (unconscious) blockages, pitfalls and patterns?
Do you have questions about your health, work, relationship, family/family, or the ability to achieve what you essentially desire?
Then this energy reading is really something for you.
The reading offers insight, overview, clarity, and inspiration regarding your issues and relevant themes in your life. In addition, you will notice that a reading also has a healing effect on your daily life. A reading not only appeals to your conscious thinking and understanding, but also stimulates your self-healing capacity.

"What a wonderful experience... I felt enormously energetic for a few days after the reading, it was almost as if I burst out of energy".


"This reading was a true gift to myself. Somehow almost everything you told me resonated to me while at the same time I felt that all the pieces of the puzzle fell into place".


Through this reading you get access to the huge database of information stored in your energy system

During the reading I 'read' the information from your energy system. Energy is perceptible through vibrations that I can translate for you into understandable language, words, feelings, symbols, metaphors and imagery.Before the reading begins you can ask questions about one or more subjects about which you want to gain insight. That is not necessary. But it can be calming for you if you have mentioned the important themes and topics beforehand so that you can be sure that they will come up for discussion.

I start with the description of the energy field around you, your aura. In this description the major themes which are interesting to you in this phase of your life are indicated. Then I 'read' the information stored in the key energy centers of your body. Your feet, pelvis, abdomen, stomach, heart, throat, forehead and crown. In each center I describe the flowing and less flowing areas. I discuss the qualities and talents you have brought into this life. And I describe how you use them in this phase of life. In the less flowing areas information can emerge as to why certain talents have not yet fully blossomed. Or where you are in the process of transformation.

The information that emerges will provide a deeper insight into the way you know, support and lose yourself.The reading not only appeals to your conscious thinking and understanding. But it also stimulates your self-healing capacity. I record the session. Afterwards I send the sound file via WeTransfer so you can listen back to it. By listening to it more often you stimulate (un)consciously that the reading will be translated practically and can have a concrete effect in your daily life.

What is the result of the reading?
You have gained a deeper level of insight into yourself and the themes that play a role in your personal and professional life in this phase of life.
And you have received answers to (life) questions that concern you with regard to your life mission, relationships, seen, work and/or health.
In addition, you have gained insight into your qualities and impediments and you have inspiration to bring out the best in yourself.
You can place the events in your daily life in a broader perspective which provides extra peace, strength and encouragement when you are in the process of transformation.

For whom, what, how and when?

  • For whom: for anyone who wants to have a 'conversation with themselves' on a deeper level in order to gain more insight, overview and clarity
  • Duration of a reading: a reading takes about 1.5 to 2 hours.
  • Investment: your investment in the reading is €195,= (incl. VAT for individuals and excl. 21% VAT for business participants).
  • It is also possible to receive a 45-minute reading that looks at a specific theme or topic that you would like to gain insight into. Costs for this theme-reading are €75,=.
  • Digital recording: after the reading you will receive a digital recording of the reading so you can enjoy the information as long as possible

By registering in the CRKBO register, TwinQ has a VAT exemption for all individual sessions, workshops and trainings. In addition, most companies have a personnel budget for training and/or personal development. The advantage of this registration is that clients can be sure that TwinQ meets the quality requirements for short professional education. More information can be found on the website CRKBO

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