Angela Weghorst

It's hard to put me in a box and label it. On the one hand because I don't like boxes and on the other hand because I want to experience the freedom to discover, experience and learn new things all the time. So, I completed my studies in Industrial Design at the Technical University at Delft (Netherlands) , have been working as a marketeer for years (e.g. responsible for the worldwide Maxi Cosi brand) and the past 10 years i've been working as a (research based) marketing-/consumer insights consultant, specialized in brand positioning/development and marketing strategy and as a trainer/coach personal & intuitive development. Besides that since a few years i'm also an author of the book Different: the true story of generation Zenz, the 5 to 25 year-olds of today' which, by the way, is a big surprise for me since I always assumed I didn't like writing.

  • Work activities: Consumer Insights consultant | trainer-coach personal- & intuitive development | author & keynote speaker | founder TwinQ: the key to your target group/yourself.
  • How do I work: I combine marketing, psychology, intuition and creativity with a touch of humor.

  • Key words:enthusiastic, pure, driven, inspiring, curious, open, no-nonsense and direct, warm, authentic, analytical, intuitive and creative.
  • Fields of interest:people, personal development, brand/concept development, spirituality, finding the essence of people/propositions, friendship and life itself.
When you are able to grasp the core, the essence, the answer automatically appears
The common thread in all my work is my fascination for humans: who are they and why are humans the way they are and act as they do? In order to get an answer to this, I have read countless books about the human psyche, studied neuro-marketing, spirituality, followed every reallife program and did extensive research into others and myself.
Where I found most of the answers, by the way, was during the study 'energetic perception and intuitive development', which I followed for twelve years (EKV with Margriet van Bentem). There I learned, amongst other things, to look much deeper at myself and others: beyond the veils of physical reality. Something which I was able to apply during numerous marketing projects as well as during the personal development projects. It helps me to get to the heart of the matter in no time. So my background is creative, technical, commercial, psychological as well as energetic/ spiritual.

"I'm really impressed... I learned more with this program than years of therapy with my shrink..."


"Angela knows how to affect people and she sees everyone's strength. She guides you in an inspiring way to discover yourself. She is passionate about her profession and through her open and loving attitude she is able to take everyone along with her. I have been able to participate in her program myself and it really helped me enormously! I felt the context to take the lessons together with other participants was valuable, since it is very special to see other participants grow as well".

RoosTeacher HAS University of Applied Sciences

"This journey with Angela has deeply touched me. Angela, in contrast to many other coaches, let me experience things for myself. ... Many people around me have already given me compliments and told me that I feel 'so powerful'. Thanks to Angela I truly and with absolute conviction dare to say what my added value is in relation to other people and organizations!"


"The personal leadership program has given me in-depth insights into my leadership qualities and constraining beliefs. The insights are so valuable, every time I get to know myself even better and I realize which course/route I want to take. Angela always knows how to get to the core and helps me by creating beautiful metaphors"

MaryProgramme Manager

"Angela couldn't have come up with a more appropriate name for her company. If anyone is capable of evoking the twinkle in the eyes of a client, it is Angela"

Wim JurgBrand Development

"I came to the sessions to find out which study suits me. During the sessions you e.g. uncover your personality and strengths and weaknesses. Angela helped me to gain insight into that. The sessions enhanced my self-confidence and allowed myself to be who I am. I am very happy I went to Angela, she really understands me, has a warm personality and help people to understand themselves very well. I am very grateful to her"


My passion is uncovering and understanding what's in the hearts of young and old

My passion is to uncover what's going on deep inside the hearts of young and old and translate it into tangible insights and inspiration you can start working with right away. The search for the essence and the correct translation is something that fascinates and inspires me immensely. I am always looking for the twinkle in the eyes, which indicates that you know how to strike the right chord to set someone in motion: whether it concerns your target group or yourself. That twinkle makes me go a step further than just offering insight. I am only satisfied when I have been able to offer a clear overview as well as touching the core. Because it is precisely in that core, that essence, that I find the answer for real innovation and growth. And I am secretly quite proud that I have been able to stand at the cradle of countless successful marketing propositions and personal transformations.

My dream is that everyone is free to be themselves, just the way they are
And that everyone is given the chance to become the best version of themselves, and not a modified version as (we think) others want us to be.
In the past ten years I have had countless personal conversations with children, adolescents, (young) adults and parents.
I've talked to them about a wide variety of topics, varying from market research about savings campaigns, characters, nutrition, obesity, banking and (social) media to intense personal conversations during the personality trainings we provide with TwinQ.
And what hit me again and again was the underlying conviction of many, namely: 'I am different from others... so i'm less'.

I love to assist you in getting the best out of yourself so the twinkle in your eyes and the light in your heart will shine (again)

My desire is to contribute to the reviving of the twinkle in the eyes and the lights in the hearts so people finally return home to themselves.....

Besides the offer below, I love to share my insights with you through lecture/inspiration sessions and my blogs on Nieuwetijdskind Magazine.

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