• TwinQ: de sleutel tot jezelf = thuiskomen bij jezelf

TwinQ: the key to yourself

Personal and intuitive development

TwinQ stands for the twinkle in your eyes that appears the moment you see, hear or feel something that strikes, excites or inspires you. One twinkle says more than a thousand words and is an expression of purity, authenticity and deep contact.

You may recognize moments in your life when you were fully empowered and felt you didn't have to 'work' to get things done. Moments in which you 'coincide' with yourself, so to speak. At those moments there is no distinction between: who am I, what do I want and what do I have to offer. You are not not hindered by your rattling brain that tends to render reality a little less rosy and making you smaller than you are.

Children up to the age of six have the talent to fully do who they are.They live in the moment and can fully immerse themselves in what they are doing. This also seems to be true for people who are (or have been) successful. Think for example of Cruijff or Einstein. The golden triangle between who am I, what do I want and what do I have to offer was completely in balance with them. There was no distinction between these three. For most people, however, this does not seem to apply.

As you grow up you learn to adapt yourself more and more to the expectations of others or 'the norm' at school, street or (social) media. And every now and then something gnaws at you. You have the feeling that something is 'missing' or 'wrong' in your life. Or you feel it's time to do what you came here to do, to get out of yourself.But then what? Then the question soon arises: who am I and what do I really want? Whatever you try to do, you can't put your finger on it.

"I'm really impressed... I learned more with this program than years of therapy with my shrink..."


"Angela knows how to affect people and she sees everyone's strength. She guides you in an inspiring way to discover yourself. She is passionate about her profession and through her open and loving attitude she is able to take everyone along with her. I have been able to participate in her program myself and it really helped me enormously! I felt the context to take the lessons together with other participants was valuable, since it is very special to see other participants grow as well".

RoosTeacher HAS University of Applied Sciences

"Angela conducted a pitch training within the short-chain project in which participants were challenged to bring the deeper personal/business story to the center in preparation for a pitch to local market parties. Participants are looking back on a very successful and special event!"

Albert de HollanderOwner Local Fruit Consultancy

"This journey with Angela has deeply touched me. Angela, in contrast to many other coaches, let me experience things for myself. ... Many people around me have already given me compliments and told me that I feel 'so powerful'. Thanks to Angela I truly and with absolute conviction dare to say what my added value is in relation to other people and organizations!"


"In 2013 we as a partnership physiotherapy had the opportunity to experience a day with Angela. We were looking for a balance between professional and personal life.Through meditation and the creation of moodboards we came to new insights about ourselves and each other that are still quoted today"

AnnemarieCo-owner De Driesprong, psychosomatic and physiotherapist

"Angela was supportive and leading during the session with our entire team. She created a safe environment in which everyone could be themselves. We got to know each other better that day on a deeper level"

AnnemarieCo-owner De Driesprong, psychosomatic and physiotherapist

"Angela is a professional coach, who offers you practical tools you can use both privately and at work. If you want to personally develop yourself, she is capable of asking the right questions. Through great reflection, she will help you achieve your goals and more. She did this for me by letting me see what my challenges and pitfalls are. Moreover, she is a very nice and beautiful person"

EllisAccount Director

"The personal leadership program has given me in-depth insights into my leadership qualities and constraining beliefs. The insights are so valuable, every time I get to know myself even better and I realize which course/route I want to take. Angela always knows how to get to the core and helps me by creating beautiful metaphors"

MaryProgramme Manager
Do you allow yourself to go deeper into your personal & intuitive development,
beyond the chatter of your brain?
Maybe you've already tried everything to get the best out of yourself. Your head is spinning at full speed and you've had numerous conversations with yourself, your friends, colleagues or even professionals. But somehow all of this doesn't seem to help sufficiently.
We are used to address our questions, problems and challenges in a rational manner. To reason, analyze, grasp them and invent practical solutions or handles for them. But my experience is that this is just a plaster on the wound. A plaster to cover the underlying emotions and desires (temporarily).
In addition, I believe that the answer for real change and growth can' t be found with just your ratio. Because if this would be the case, why didn't you find the right answer yet? After all, you are smart enough.

I love to assist you in getting the best out of yourself so the twinkle in your eyes
and the light in your heart will shine (again)

In my opinion, real change and growth is only achieved when using all the knowledge and information you carry in youWhen you make use of the totality of who you are. After all, a human being is much more than his brain. Various scientific studies have shown that we do things for more than 85% subconsciously, such as making choices or performing actions.

That is why I appeal to your ratio, emotion as well as your intuition:

  • Ratio: the ability to think, to understand, to explain and to put things into words
  • Emotion: the voice of your needs and desires and the key to your own core and power
  • Intuition: the voice of your inner perception, knowing and wisdom, a voice that goes beyond knowledge
Persoonlijke & intuïtieve ontwikkeling door te luisteren naar je ratio, emotie en intuïtie

I do this through guided meditations/visualizations, metaphor sessions, various exercises and conversations. Among other things you learn to listen to your intuition and at the same time put your energy field in motion so you also work with yourself on a deeper level. You will eventually notice that you radiate more strength and your impact on others will increase.

During the sessions I myself also make use of my healing and reading skills, so that I can support you in your process and help you to retrieve and understand the information in your energy field more easily. In addition, and not unimportantly, during the sessions there is more than enough room for humor and fun.After all, it is a lot more fun to grow in a light environment than in a dark one, isn't it? After all, a plant also grows better in the sunshine than in the shade.

I love to assist you in getting the best out of yourself. How can I help you? We can do this in different ways: following an individual coaching program or participating in one of the group programs. Of course it is also possible to provide in-company programs. 


When we make use of everyone's unique passions and talents, we can make the world a much better place together, for now and later
Everyone is different. My dream is that everyone is allowed to be themselves, just the way they are. That everyone gets the chance to be (the best version of) themselves, and not a modified version as (we think) others want us to be.
I am convinced that when we use everyone's full potential, everyone's unique passions and talents, we can make the world a little more beautiful together. For now and later.
So why be 'normal' and meet 'the norm', the average if you can also be the best version of yourself?


The true story of generation Zenz, the 5 to 25 year-olds of today

Is it true that nowadays there are more spoiled, hard to handle youngsters who only come to life online? Is there actually an explosive growth in children with ADHD, ADD, autism, high sensitivity etc.? read more

"For anyone who is dealing with or interested in young people, for anyone who is interested in the world of today and tomorrow, this book is more than worth reading"

Helmar NiemeijerRecensie: Managementboek

"I am touched by this well-founded and powerful plea to look beyond expectations, labels, standards and masks, so that we can see and embrace the uniqueness of our children and young people again. It gives me as a teacher and parent a complete and clear insight into the current generation, upbringing... and ultimately into myself"

Karin van de VegteElementary school teacher, ECHA specialist in giftedness

"An absolute must have for when you are dealing with children and adolescents, both in your work and private life! The book teaches you to look at them differently and gives direction on how you can support them to become, as Angela puts it, "the most beautiful version of themselves"

Mary van Hoek-HendriksTeacher Food Innovation HAS University of Applied Sciences

"Weghorst describes her research in an accurate, detailed way...' 'She does this in a way that touches you. It hasn't become a dry, scientific book, but a book that lives" read more

Willem van HartskampRecensie: BoekenBloggenderwijs

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